Occasionally, We Get Internal Pronunciation Emails


Hi there

As we approach the Scottish referendum, may I please remind you that the correct pronunciation of Edinburgh is <ED-in-BURR-ah>

+++ if you are Scottish you can say ED-in-BRAH  +++

However it is NOT a an animal’s den “–burrow” or a  large lump of ice    “-berg”



*We checked with Kevin before posting this.

Kevin Beesley

Europe Editor

NPR National Public Radio

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yooooooooooo Edinburgh Scotland

What started as a somewhat respectful request to go on a date with me was mitigated by your disapointment and persistence even though we have a) never met b) I was running late c) your ‘compliment’ does not make me beholden to you.

P.S. and when I ran across the street it was to catch the light, not away from you.


…in a brilliant Freudian-slip lyric [Marvin] exposes his mixed feelings for Whizzer,

I never wanted
I wanted
I never never never never never
Never wanted to love you.

The string of six ‘never’s tries to deflect from the accidental ‘I wanted.’

- John Bush Jones, Our Musicals, Ourselves: A Social History of the American Musical Theatre (via unlikelylovers)

ERMAHGAD falsettos